Sunday, October 17, 2010

Swim 4x400 @80 effort | Bike 45 minute TT | 5-5-5-5-5 back squats

This morning at the Y:

Swim 4x400 each set within 4 seconds of each other

7:38 (1:54/100)

7:41 (1:55/100)
7:33 (1:53/100)
7:33 (1:53/100)

500 WU (10:06)
4x50 DR Catch up
CD 700 (14:35)
plus 100 Breast stroke & stretching

Okay, I was off the mark with the workout objective of keeping each set within 4 seconds of each other, but I have to tell you that I felt really good with the last 2 sets. Wasn't working harder than 80% really, its just that my stroke got better and better as I went and couldn't help hitting the faster time. To do it twice when I was 1500 yards into the overall workout was pretty sweet. I was focused on leaving my left arm out in front a little longer so as not to start my pull with my head turned to the right — which is the side I breath to. I believe this creates a certain amount of instability in my shoulder which is causing it to be so sore all the time. So trying to keep that shoulder in a more stable position and allow more power from my lats on that side. Makes for a smoother and straighter pull is what I'm thinking. Could all be in my head, but the numbers indicate I was doing something right... :). Swam a total of 3100 yards this morning with warm up, drills, and cool down added. Felt good and ready to take on the 2.4 miles in 5 weeks!

Bike 45 minute TT
14.68 miles
19.6 mph
AHR 140

Was supposed to do this yesterday, but it wasn't a good day to get outside on the bike due the cold and wind. I was going to do the run and back squats WOD yesterday (actually, its row and back squats), but never got to it. Or, rather I procrastinated to the point of just taking the day off from training. Got into a project at home that really needed doing and just didn't want to break focus so ended up not doing it. Last year I'd have been into a 5 hour bike ride — likely in the basement on the trainer and no way I could have put that off for another day. Been thinking about the hours I have put in in the past to train for LP twice and realize I can never do it that way again. Just wouldn't want to. Just don't think I could handle it mentally. Not to mention the absence of all the little benchmarks you work toward in the CFE protocol... always working against a previous time. This is good motivation and you can see results as you go. There's a lot to be said for being all over strong and not just plain worn out from doing endless mediocre miles.

Of course, the ultimate test happens in 5 weeks. But I'm increasingly confident that I'll toe the line in Arizona as ready as any of the other athletes there who are posting 100 mile rides and 18 mile runs in these last remaining training weeks. I don't know where they're finding the time...

Think I'm just really starting to feel good with this protocol. If I can maintain at IMAZ — get through the race as well as I have gotten through LP twice, I'll be very happy. Additionally, I'll be looking ahead to next season. This season has been experimental — or transitional if you will... Next season will be different. I'll have this new foundation to build on. Should be interesting... :)

5-5-5-5-5 back squats
128# - 128# - 138# - 138# - 148#

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