Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5K Run for time | 5 min. on, 2 min. off x 4 bike intervals | 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 back squats

 5K Run
Total time: 25:05 

Bike Intervals: 4x5 minutes on, 2 minutes off
1.69 miles/20.3 mph
1.76 miles/21.1 mph
1.66 miles/20.0 mph
1.56 miles/18.7 mph  

1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1  back squats ( yes i did 8)
(128, 128, 138, 138, 148, 148, 158, 158)

Was supposed to do this yesterday, but life got in the way. Had to take an early bus into work with my son in tow. Then to get him on the bus back to VT and school.

Got home on the last bus from work and just needed time to get on top of household stuff. Soooo... the 5k run didn't happen. Opted to go to bed a bit early instead.

This morning, I knew I had to get either the swim or the run done. Ended up doing the run on the treadmill in the basement.

Started at an 8:12 pace and ended in the last couple of minutes at a sub 7 pace to try and make this my fastest training 5K. I believe that mission was accomplished. Felt really good. Didn't feel like I was struggling to get it done and was able to keep pushing at a faster pace until the end. Wish I'd tried just a little harder to break 25 minutes.

Did the bike intervals and back squats after work. These are tomorrow's workouts. It was such a beautiful day that I wanted to get outside and enjoy so got the earlier bus outta dodge and had just enough time to get about 13 miles in with the bike intervals. I can do the swim tomorrow night.


  1. Great job!! Sounds like things are going well and that you're getting ready!! Won't be long before that taper comes!!

  2. nice job on the run. its tough running a good time on the treadmill.