Tuesday, October 19, 2010

15K run

15K (9.3 miles) run
Total time: 1:23:19
8:58 mile pace

Ended up doing this on the treadmill. Ugh! Soooo boring! Not enough hours or daylight in the days right now. Glad I got it done though.

I'll do the burpees in the morning. Right calf and achilles a little sore. Tendonitis is really plaguing me lately...


  1. It seems as if you've been training forever! Keep motivated...you'll do great! I can't even imagine doing a 15K run right now...miss it...the training and feeling good! Enjoy it. Rest those legs if you need to...take care of that body.

  2. Nice run... especially on a treadmill. I have trouble staying focused on a treadmill any longer than 3-4 miles.