Saturday, October 09, 2010

13.1 mile run — I'm a believer...

Today was run 13.1 miles.
Finished in 1:58:44 /average pace 9:04

Because the run has been my nemesis all season, I thought I might have a better chance of getting through it if I ran with nearly 5000 of my closest friends :).

Ran the Hartford half marathon today and it could really not have been a more perfect day for this race.


Last time I ran the Hartford half was in 2007 — 3 years ago and 3 years younger. That year was the first time I was able to break 2 hours in Hartford with a time of 1:58:23. So today, I was only about 20 seconds off that with only half as many miles put in on the streets. I felt really strong in the first 8 miles. Beyond 8, I felt good and had what I needed to keep pushing. No walking — even at the aid station. I took 3 or 4 GUs which I carried with me and grabbed water as I went by the stations. Miles 9 & 10 got a little more difficult and I had to work a little harder to keep my pace up. The last mile was hard. I was aware of my time and knew I could keep it under 2 hours if I stayed on task and pushed hard — which I did. Had a bit of an issue at the finish — not being able to catch my breath and thought I might go down as did the medics — which put me in the med tent for about 15 minutes until I could stand up again. Maybe should have had another GU or two...? Maybe should have taken some salt as well. In any case, it didn't take long to get back on my feet and out to the post race party.

The course is entirely new this year and goes out into West Hartford rather than East Hartford. I liked it and look forward to do it again.

splits (thinking my heart rate strap needs a new battery as my HR never goes to 229, especially in mile 5!
mile 1     /8:39   /143
mile 2     /8:20   /152
mile 3     /8:37   /164
mile 4     /8:36   /178
mile 5     /8:57   /220
mile 6     /8:49   /229
mile 7     /8:45   /209
mile 8     /9:06   /179
mile 9     /9:12   /173
mile 10   /9:26   /172
mile 11   /9:12   /175
mile 12   /9:18   /174
mile 13   /9:14   /179
mile .32  /2:32   /180


  1. Good running and way to stay on task. Unfortunately my day did not go as well, but I'm still glad I did it. Sorry I did not stop to chat - I was looking for my group to walk up to the start line.

  2. you did great!!! congrats! I've heard that HR monitors can somethingscrew up like that if you running next to someone else wearing one. so it probably isnt the battery unless it does that when you run alone too.