Monday, May 31, 2010

thrusters, arggh!

CF WOD: workout called for 500M row/30 barbell thrusters @45#s
Since I couldn't get at a rower today, I used the treadmill.
I did run .3 miles x2 and run .2 miles x2
set 1 15 @45#s, 15 @40#s
set 2 15 @40#s, 15 @36#s
set 3 15 @36#s, 15 @30#s
set 4 30 @30#s

Total time: 19:05

Thrusters are still a big challenge for me. I started at the prescribed 45#s and then unloaded as needed. Happy that I got through the four sets of 30!

1 comment:

  1. im not in love with thruster either. If you can really throw the weight with your hips they are easier. Not easy but easier!