Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1000 yard swim TT

19:16 (1:55/100)
(last 1000 yard TT was 19:26 on April 23rd)

Sometimes the goal is just to get the workout done. Sometimes there's a prize you get to take home after. Driving out to the pool after work this evening, I felt really tired and pretty unmotivated. A busy weekend and its Wednesday already. Not enough sleep this week and still feeling lots of pressure at work. All good really. Life is full and challenging and very good. So I got in the pool thinking yeah... whatever... just get the 1000 done and get home and try and find some down time.

Started with my usual 300 warm up and then my catch up drills — yeah, I really am that retentive that I have to do this routine every time even when I don't feel like it. Okay, now... one thousand yards. Its only forty laps. Break it down by tens and its more palatable. I try to focus on my stroke, staying long and lean and high elbows on the recovery. I'm a machine. Just churning away at the water. Counting the laps. A guy gets in the lane next door. I make sure he's doesn't get by me. I'm focused on my stroke and reaching for the other end of the pool. Ticking off the laps. By tens it goes faster. I'm feeling really comfortable at thirty laps and thinking only ten more and your done. I want to be done. I swim what I think is faster, but more likely I'm just churning up the water more. I touch the wall at forty. I'm 6 seconds off my best 1000 yard TT last July.

I go home with my prize feeling good about having achieved the goal of getting it done and then some :).

Saving the tabata for tomorrow morning because I want to do it justice and I want to get to bed at a decent hour tonight.

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