Friday, May 21, 2010

Burpees and Rowing

CF WOD: 21 burpees, Row 500M, 15 burpees, Row 500M, 9 burpees, Row 500M
Total time: 11:37

Burpees are not fun. Proud of myself though that I went to the gym and got this one done right after work. Needed to get over being shy about just doing this at the gym even if people give me funny looks. After all. I thought to myself, "Erica would totally do this. She'll think I'm a total wuss if I don't get this one done!" ;). So there. Kettle bells swings AND burpees! At the gym! Bring on those pushups at the pool again!

I'm only doing this one workout today. Will do the 200s (run) tomorrow, along with the swim and dead lifts.

I also rode my road bike to and from work today — a total of just over 13 miles.

Gonna tear up the Shamrock on Sunday.


  1. See you Sunday - well maybe your back :)

  2. nice job! I've thought about riding my bike to and from work. I really want to but I don't know how I am going to trek all of my food and stuff I take with me. Do you just put it in a bike pack or do you have something else?

  3. What's a burpee? It sounds like something that, well, is gastro-intestinal-related to put it politely...