Friday, May 07, 2010

dead lifts and rowing and 20K TT

CF WOD: 30 dead lifts at half body weight / row 1000M
I did 70 lbs. plus the weight of the bar
Total time: 8:59

20K TT (12.5 Miles)
Total time 37:50 AVG 19.87 miles (same route as last time)

Did tomorrow's workouts today so that I could actually do the rowing. Easier to go to the gym right after work than schlep into Hartford tomorrow morning. So CF WOD at the gym right after work, jump on the bus home and saddle up the tri bike the 20K TT. Goal for tonight was to go faster than last time — which I did. A little annoyed at myself for not hitting 20MPH average. Next time!

So tomorrow I plan to do the run/situp WOD and the swim 200/push up workout. So, I gotta know... has anyone done push ups at the pool? Trying to imagine getting out of the pool every 200 yards and cranking out 10 push ups...

Doubling up these workouts because I'll be away on Sunday and not wanting to worry about how to get a workout in. If there's time and I feel like it, I'll squeeze in a little run.


  1. Linda, at Westy, will enjoy watching you get out of the pool and get into those push-ups! Fortunately, haven't had to do that! Hopefully she won't be spraying the deck with that lovely chemical! Great job on the 20KTT - have a great Mother's Day!!

  2. Pam, I have the same swim workout and I have also questioned the looks I will get at the Y. But, in reality, who really cares. I plan to lay a towel out and hop up out of the pool, unless I can get the lane next to the stairs. Should be fun

  3. I've done this workout a couple of times. you will love it! Pushups after swimming are hard and swimming after pushups are even harder - but it is a great feeling when the workout is over. Not because it is over, but because you tackled a difficult workout and completed it successfully.

  4. I hope I am able to ride like you Pam! Nice work.