Tuesday, May 11, 2010

here comes the run... la laa la la

15K TT
9.4 miles | 1:22:44 / 8:54 AMP

M1 8:40  AHR139
M2 8:41  AHR148
M3 8:52  AHR164
M4 8:52  AHR165
M5 8:59  AHR167
M6 8:46  AHR168
M7 8:59  AHR166
M8 9:02  AHR156
M9 9:04  AHR155
M10 9:21 AHR156

This was a very good run! Finally felt like my run mojo was there. Did same route as last 10K TT so included some good hills. The one issue I did have which kept me from really executing to full potential was that I really ran out of gas around mile 5ish. Literally felt my stomach growling for food. Didn't get enough calories yesterday or this morning pre-run. I definitely felt the impact of that. Body felt strong and very willing this morning, but it was looking for more fuel. All good. I can fix that!

CF WOD: 100 feet walking lunges, 10 burpees, 25 situps (I did 40 lunges instead of 100 feet walking lunges)

Total time: 10:17 (last time same workout - 10:26)

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  1. Awesome! I told you that the feeling of being completely out of breath would go away! For anything longer than a 10K, I always run with water and gels - and try to mimic raceday - taking in something every 20 minutes or so.