Sunday, May 30, 2010

Open Water! A ride and some CF

Out to Lake T this morning with my sherpa. The water was delightful. Did one complete out and back that I'll estimate at about 1.3 miles or 2400 yards.

Total time: 47 minutes

Nice headwind on the way back in which made for an exciting swim ;). Took some time to adjust to being in the wetsuit. Felt like it was suffocating me the whole way out. Felt better on the way in. Or, maybe was just a lot more focused on not sucking in water given I was swimming into the chop and just trying to make sure I got that breath of air each time.

Ran into some fellow triathletes swimming there this morning too — so that was cool. My husband brought his kayak and paddled along with me. Fun for him. Good for me!

28.64 miles/1:49:00
Later. A bike ride with my husband. Rode the "ball buster" route as my husband calls it. Lots of tough little hills, stop signs, left turns and cars! Not the 45 minute TT I was supposed to do, but we had fun.

CF WOD: 21 back squats, Row 500M, 15 back squats, Row 500M, 9 back squats, Row 500M
Total time: 10:30

Since I had no access to rowing machine, I did .3 mile, .3 mile, .2 mile runs. Did 60 lbs. on the back squats. Didn't try to kill this one, but kept good form on the squats and ran about 7:30-8 minute mile pace on the tready. This was right after the ride.


  1. that is quite a day...ease up a bit would ya? is lake terramuggus open to the public?

  2. @christina — technically no, its not open to the public. But, I and many other triathletes swim there. If you go early morning or late afternoon and don't cause any trouble, no one seems to mind. I did all my OWS training there last year ;)