Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shamrock Duathlon

Not bad I guess...

183/309     1:57:42      7/19 F4549  
5k  225  26:14     T1  1:11      Bike  170  59:57     T2 1:12        5k  211  29:10

I love this race. Was my first ever multi-sport event back in 2006. I've been hooked ever since. This was my fourth time doing this one, but first time on the new course. In 2008, I finished in 1:49 and change, but not sure its a direct comparison. The second run was really tough but I held a steady pace. It was slow, but I feel like I managed my pace well and kept myself from blowing up. The first 5k and the second were different routes. I was told the first was short and the second a little long. Felt strong on the bike and was really hammering it the whole way. Some soreness in my quads and glutes from the dead lifts yesterday.


  1. Pam,

    Great job - I was hoping to introduce myself to you today but must have come back to the finish line a minute or two too late (had to get a beer and some food). I wondered about that second 5k myself, but don't shorten the first one on me, I was somewhat happy with that time. Perhaps I'll catch up to you at Rev3. There will be a few of us there - perhaps a good time for a group photo.


  2. Great job Pam! The quote you have posted on your blog pretty much sums up how I feel about the race. Glad you are feeling good.