Thursday, May 20, 2010

Row 500 / Kettle Bell Swings and Bike Intervals

CF WOD: Row 500M, 50 KB Swings, Row 500M, 40 KB Swings, Row 500M, 30KB Swings, Row 500M

Total time: 14:32

This workout was a ton of fun! I got off the bus on Market Street this morning and went right to the gym so I could be sure and get this one done. It was around 8:30 so not too many people still working out. Mostly some geezer types. So I grab my 20 lb kettle bell and situate it in the free weight area not too far from the rowing machine. I grab the second machine in a row of 4. There's an older lady on the one next to it and she's row, row, row your boat 'ing along at the pace of a plastered snail. Set up my machine, hit the go button and start ripping at the chain like a mad women. 500M done and I'm trippin' over to my kettle bell. Start swinging that thing over my head and an older gentleman who's curling a couple of bar bells just stares at me with his mouth hanging open. He's clearly never seen anything like this before. Back over to the rower and now there's another older lady strapped into the machine to right of mine. We're in a row with about 3 feet between us — maybe less. This new lady is quite possibly rowing slower than the one on the left. I'm ripping at the bar, beads of sweat flying, grunting and groaning to get the next 500M done. It was quite the scene. I really enjoyed it :)

After work: Ride 3 miles, Rest 1 minute, Ride 6 miles, Rest 2 minutes, Ride 6, Rest 3, Ride 12

Total ride: 33.20 miles
Total time: 1:48:40

3 miles / 9:10:02 / 19.64
6 miles / 18:41:06 / 19.27
9 miles / 31:08:09 / 17.34  (one long hill that was the last full mile)
13 miles / 40:46:03 / 19.13 (couple of hills and lots of rollers before getting back onto the flats)

Felt really good on this ride.


  1. Excellent riding. I really like that rowing circuit too. I sometimes wonder what people think when they see me doing these workouts and then decide I don't care.

  2. Great job on the bike Pam. The motorcycle club might as well not show up when your riding.

  3. I am laughing about your row - too funny. You will learn to LOVE the stares!

  4. What a great picture I have in my head! I am sure you were the talk of the gym after you left.