Sunday, May 09, 2010

sit ups and runnin' and push ups and swimmin'

Saturday, May 8th

CF WOD #1: 21, 19, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 sit ups | Run 200 meters between each set.

I ran .2 miles between each set as my t-mill only does 0.0 — 'spose I could have done .1 mile run, but that would have felt like cheating to me...

Each run I got the t-mill up to 9.2 - 9.4 — well under 7 min. miles so was really pushing it hard.

Total time = 14:56

70 push - ups for time — 5:18
Did this right after the first workout. Cranked out the first 20 no prob, then chipped away at the rest.

Yes, I wussed out on doing these at the pool. My gut told me that I simply wouldn't do this when I got to the pool so I just did them at home and then headed to the pool to do the 7x200. It was a good thing as there were kids swim lessons in both outside lanes of the pool with a big gaggle of parents  spectating. I was the only other person actually swimming in the pool and I was already giving them a show with my raucous flailing back and forth trying to crush those 200. My shoulders were pretty fatigued from just having done the push ups so I think I got the benefit of the combination of movements.

In the pool I did:

300 WU
4x50 DR Catch up

7x200 (3:37, 3:45, 3:47, 3:46, 3:48, 3:48, 3:52)

That first 200 was only 2 seconds off my best recorded 200 last year. Strange how I fell off after that one, but happy that I held pretty steady until the last one. My shoulders were pretty wasted by then.

Was feeling pressure to get all of this stuff done so I could get in the car and head to my parents new home in Bethlehem, PA.

Today was a rest day — although, not particularly restful with a 3.5 hour drive home.


  1. Pam

    That away to show those kids who is the boss in the pool. Good job getting through the 200's. Well done!!!

  2. I can't believe you backed out - it was so much fun actually. Not sure where you live or swim, but I am in Simsbury and can always get you in at the Y next time we have a swim circuit like this.