Tuesday, June 01, 2010

back squats 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 @ 70% of normal weight

I did 88 lbs. which is 70%ish of 128 lbs.

Ran one easy 9 minute mile on the tready to get warmed up.

That's it people!

In other news, had a great chat about my nutrition plan for the race with the master. I like simple and thought that what I was doing WAS simple. However, turns out what I have been doing is simple like stupid ;). So now I have a plan that is simple like smart — as in straight forward and effective — as in scalable and modifiable to whatever the conditions are on race day. I like this — in spite of the fact that its yet to be executed, and therefore proven (by/to me) — I like simple. And the plan is simple and I'm kinda excited about that. I know. Weird.

Additionally, I am told its okay to pee whenever and wherever I need to during the race. Thanks Max!


  1. LOL about the pee. If you ever saw my picture at the end of my one and only Marathon last May, my shorts are soaked - digusting but you just ran 26 miles so who f-in cares :)

  2. Don't understand the lingo still, but I know you are kickin butt, good luck in the race! You r again such an inspiration!