Sunday, September 19, 2010

Swim 4x400 @80 effort

Swim 4x400 @80 effort (keep each rep within 4 seconds of each other)

Hit the pool at the Y this morning. Wanted to get there early to beat all the floaters and kiddies. Opens at 9 on Sunday and I managed to get into the pool around 9:30 so it happened that I was only one of two in the 8 lap pool getting started. Yes!

Goal was to keep each of the four hundreds within 4 seconds of each other. I'd say I pretty much nailed that objective. Felt good in the water. Left shoulder was sore though afterwards and still. Ongoing issues but not stopping me from doing anything.

WU 500 (10:04)
DR 4x50 catch up
MS 4x400 (80% effort, each rep within 4 sec. of each other)
(7:39, 7:37, 7:39, 7:41)
CD 200 free, 100 breast

No rowing machine at the Y (go figure...) so putting off the WOD til tomorrow. I feel pretty cooked tonight anyhow.


  1. workouts looking good! glad your feeling better.

  2. No rowing machine at the Y?!? Now I know I'm joinging there (I do like their pool though).