Monday, September 06, 2010

300 Squats for time, Swim 300, 200, 100 with 30, 20, 10 push ups then squats in between

What a fantastic weekend this has been!

300 squats for time
Total time: 9:48

(Nice improvement from 8/18 at 10:54)

Also did 60 push ups (knees) and 60 wall ball shots knowing full well I wouldn't do them as part of the swim workout.

Warmed up for the squats with a 3 mile run. Again the run felt hard. I think I need a little more run frequency to get where I need to be for AZ. My legs are strong. I can feel it AND I can see it. But, I need to find that run rhythm that comes from running frequently. Not saying I need to run a ton of miles, just more frequent short runs I think.

So I figured out something about squats. Something I probably already knew, but hadn't really put into practice. In fact, it stands out in my mind as a key point that Max made when giving a demo at the free track workout I attended last spring. When you engage your hips and your glute muscles, squats are much easier and — for me anyway — I can do them much more quickly and with a bit less fatigue in my quads. Given the number of squats I did this past week, I'd say that the improvement in time may be due to this finally clicking for me. Or, I'm just getting stronger.

Yesterday, I had every intention of getting to the Y for my swim in the afternoon. My husband was going to do yoga while I got my workout done. But it was so beautiful out that I just couldn't see going to the indoor pool. So instead we got on our "just for fun bikes - mines a mountain bike and my husband has an old hybrid that we bought about 20 years ago from Cycling Concepts before it WAS Cycling Concepts" — and rode down the street and then back along the river a bit. It was fun and very enjoyable on a really fantastic day. Afterwards, we made a fire in the backyard and grilled our dinner and had a couple of pops. Lovely really...

Swim: 300, 200, 100 x2

500 WU
4x50 DR Catch up

300 (5:43), 200 (3:49), 100 (1:50)
300 (5:58), 200 (3:56), 100 (1:51)

100 CD Breast stroke

Times are fairly unimpressive. I could use more swim frequency too I guess. Or just to actually DO the prescribed workouts. Now that vacation and the summer are winding down, I hope to get really dialed in on the AZ trip.

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