Wednesday, September 01, 2010

CF WOD: 100 squats, run 5K, 100 squats and Swim 800 yards

total time: 34:27

total 5K time: 25:45

I actually enjoyed this workout. Did it in basement. Used my treadmill. My warm up was 2.5 hours of yard work. Had to quit the yard when it just got too hot but figured I was dirty and sweaty so may as well do the the workout before getting a shower.

Planning to do a swim tonight at the Y while Sully does yoga :)

I took 3 days off while camping up at Lake Waramaug. I shouldn't have, but I did.

FirmMan is the weekend after next. Not really sure I'll be ready for it as I missed some key training (longer runs) in August and late July...

Hit the pool at the Y this evening. Lap pool had all manor of individuals in it who really should have been in the warm pool on the other side of the glass... people just floating around mid lane, chatting and whatnot. Meanwhile beyond the glass wall — a pool meant just for such activity (or lack thereof)... with a waterfall and colorful buckets that will dump water on your head if you stand under them long enough... yah, go over there and float :). Oh well, so I waited for a lane. Forgot my watch so ended up just swimming a 1000. Felt good in the water, but not really sure of my time.

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