Monday, September 13, 2010

Row 500M, 21 dumb bell thrusters (25#) x 3 for time

Felt a bit tired today and sore in my lower back and left glute, but not bad overall.

Was good to move it all around some after work at the gym.

CF WOD: 500M Row and 21 dumb bell  thrusters (25#)
I did 24# (two 12# dumb dumb bells)

Total time: 11:45

Didn't push really hard on this, but didn't slack on it either. Got a good sweat going for sure! Had to make my way from the rowing machine to the spot where I'd left my dumb bells set up. A guy and his trainor kept getting in my way... doh!

Ran 1 real easy mile on the tready to warm up. My glute was sore from the race and then from sitting all day so wanted to be sure and warm things up before yanking on the rower.

Cooled down with another .5 miles on the tready.

Felt much better overall after the workout.

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