Sunday, September 26, 2010

Swim 3x400 (@100% effort) AND Adventures in the Family Locker Room

This morning:
Swim 3 x 400 yards @ 5 minutes rest (100@ effort)
7:26/1:51 per 100  awesome!
7:37/1:53 per 100 what...? :|
7:45/1:56 per 100 meh...  :\

Additionally, I did:
WU 500 (10:11), DR 4x50 Catch up, CD 500 easy (10:50) and 50 breast stroke

Went to the Y this morning to get the swim done. The women's locker room was closed for repair and a sign instructed us ladies to please use the family locker room. No big deal right? So, in I go with my ill conceived notion of just what exactly a family locker room is... I'm thinking young moms with their little kids... no big deal. So I get in there and need to tinkle. Turn all the corners trying to find the stalls but I can't figure out where they are. I ask a women at the mirrors who's going at her head with a curling iron like its her job and she points me to the toilets that are individual private rooms behind locked metal doors clearly marked "restroom". DOH!

Take care of the business of tinkling and proceed to my chosen locker to get dressed for the pool. Whip off my shorts and underpants and pull on half my bathing suit (yup, right there in front of my locker :). Turn around and see a guy standing not two and half feet behind me at a locker on the other side! Double DOH!! I mutter a swear word under my breath and scurry to one of the changing stalls in another part of the locker room. I can't help but wonder who was more embarrassed... him or me. I have no idea how long he was there and whether or not he got to see me whipping off my shorts! So now I'm starting to fully grasp the concept of a family locker room.

Now the thing is, this guy didn't appear to have any kids with him... so I'm wondering why the heck he was in there in the first place. Capitalizing on my confusion is my guess ;).

Came out of the changing stall fully suited, head held high like nothing had happened and proceeded to lock down my stuff and head out to the pool. Hey look, if the guy saw my bare arse, its no big deal and prolly made his day. NBD.

After the swim, I came back into the family locker room knowing that anything I would do to exit the Y would need to be done behind closed doors or curtains or what have you. I accomplished this without any breech of privacy. As I stood at my locker fully clothed packing my bag, there was a young mother and her son. The boy — all of maybe 4 — wanted to get changed inside one of the tall lockers. Very funny. The mom wasn't down with this idea, but the kid insisted and ultimately won out. Now this mom asked ME if she could get changed right there in front of the locker. So clearly she didn't get the concept of the "family locker room" either. I told her about my experience earlier and advised her to take it to one of the changing stalls. Of course, she had to wait until her kid was done changing inside the locker... :). He didn't realize it would be dark in there when the locker door was shut so there was a lot of opening and closing and checking to see if mom was still waiting outside. Pretty cute and very funny.

As we were both standing there chuckling about her kid putting on his underoos in the locker, a tour came right through the area. A male Y employee, a dad and his tween-aged son and daughter in tow. Suffice to say that that mom was relieved that she hadn't stripped off her suit right there at the lockers :).

Here's hoping the women's locker room is all fixed up the next time I go to the Y :)


  1. Gee, brand new facility and locker room closed for repairs already.

    great post! - had me laughing out loud - dog was looking at me funny.

    Thanks for the heads up on Main Street.

  2. glad you can laugh about it because it is funny. I did the same thing once at a race if it makes you feel any better. I asked where the changing room was and someone point my friend and i to it. So in we go and I didn't really realize it was all men until this guy started talking to me and i saw a guy behind him take his sorts right off. I laughed the rest of the day at that one.

  3. Great post Pam! I would have loved to be there (although not in the locker room while you were changing ;-). You are definitely a good sport about it.

  4. too funny! i remember when my kids were little and I watched a few folks question what they should be doing to change. After going once or twice, I finally figured out that behind the big doors are everything you need...toilet, sink, shower and privacy! : )