Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Run 5K for time

Ugh! Didn't get to this until 7:00 PM. Thought I might die getting started (but, I didn't ;))

Run 5K for time
Total time: 27:16

Ran outside:
mile 1 8:36
mile 2 8:54
mile 3 8:50

AHR 150
MHR 155

Not my best time, but considering I'm 2 days out from a half iron its not too shabby. Might have gone better had I gotten it done early this morning... or had time to get a quick warm up on my bike first.

An observation with regard to effort on the run. During Sunday's 13.1, I found that I was really able to find some energy in those last 2-3 miles to pick up the pace and get home. I think this is the result of the level of intensity in so many of the prescribed workouts. So the key for me seems to be to figure out what the sustainable pace is and know that I can work my way into a harder effort during a race. What happened at Litchfield I think... is that I had no idea what pace I was running in the first mile so I just ran myself into hyperventilation and then couldn't recover well enough to keep going at a sustainable pace. Does that make sense???

I wore the Saucony Kinvaras. They're a pretty sweet ride. We'll see how they hold up under my burliness. Yes, I really do have the hot pink ones... bought them from trisports.com and they only had this color! They're actually pretty cool looking though :)


  1. That's a damn good run two days after a half. I don't think I ever went that hard so soon after a big event. What's the news on AZ? Did they fill the lake back up yet?

    Litchfield - I really wanted to do that this year, but unfortunately was out of town. It is a killer course - no room for mistakes. I raced it twice and it hurt both times. What you say makes perfect sense - that race has to be paced to perfection.

  2. Good luck this weekend. Im looking forward to reading your race report! Sounds like your ready to roll!

  3. Love the sneaks! All that is missing is some sweet pink laces. Great job on the run 2 days post 1/2 - and it was also probably dark when you started.