Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CF WOD: Run 400M, 21 KB swings (35#), 12 pull ups x 3 for time AND Swim 700 yards

This morning:

CF WOD: Run 400M, 21 KB swings (35#), 12 pull ups x 3
Total time: 13:54 (I ran .3 miles x 3 rather than  400M)

The WOD was for yesterday but didn't get to it. My goal today was to get it done in the morning before work— which i did! Started with 2 easy miles on the tready to warm up.

This evening:

Swim 700 yards
Total time: 14:00 

Swim 300 (5:43)
50 DR
50 Swim (:51)
50 DR
50 Swim (:51)
100 CD breast stroke

Yah, I know... lame-o time there. So I began my workout with the intent of starting with 300 yards for warm up. As I got into it, I decided to just go ahead and get the 700 done. I swam the first half of the 700 easy thinking I'm just warming up. Then once I decided this was the 700, I picked it up. I'd gotten to the gym a little late and felt under pressure to get done before they shut down (actually had plenty of time, but it just felt late...)

So completed the 700 and saw my very unimpressive time and decided to do the 300 hard just to make up for the seeming lack of effort on the 700. Yup, I do hold myself accountable to myself...

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