Tuesday, June 22, 2010

20k TT and pushups

20k TT (was supposed to be 70% effort, but since I slacked off all weekend I went at this hard)

12.5 miles / 36:55 / 20.35 mph

Finally broke 20 miles per hour on this ride!

100 pushups for time: 6:19 (last time was April 27 - time was 6:28 so slight improvement)
First 10 pushups were regular, the rest were on the knees so that's an improvement too.

Before the pushups I did 4 full, unassisted pullups.


  1. Great ride and even knee pushups are agonizing and hard! I have vowed to do an unassisted pullup - you have inspired me. I will report back.

  2. Wow, nice ride Pam. I wish I could bike at your speed! Nice pullup action too.