Friday, June 11, 2010

Row 500M, Run 400M x 3

At the gym. I ran .3 miles instead of 400M even though I could have done .25 miles. This is what I'm used to when I use my treadmill at home so I just stuck with it.

Total time: 15:30

First time actually doing this particular workout. All the muscle heads at the gym were quite amused... and, perhaps a little intimidated :).

I probably went a little harder than 70%. Felt good.

I need a new more immediate goal. One that involves running... I need to get my run on.


  1. i second that sista! love that you are intimidating the muscle heads! bring it!

  2. I know it would have intimidated me before I started doing these workouts.

  3. Can you imagine how intimidated they would have been if you were going 100%?