Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swim 400

Swam 400 yard TT
Total time: 7:38

Additionally, I did 300 WU, 4x50 Catch drill and 100 CD breastroke

Initially, I finished— or so I thought— in 6:45. This would have been a 1:41 per 100 pace which seems unlikely so I must have miscounted. So I quickly did another 50 which puts me at a more likely 7:38.

I also bike commuted today for a total of about 14.5 miles on my road bike. Totally bent when I got to the State House Square building this morning and entered into the lobby with my bike to get to the gym— as I have on many a morning. Was immediately accosted by the security guard and some other big thug and told "no bikes in the lobby". "Well, umm... 'scuse me big fellers, but I've been bringing my bike into the lobby and down to the gym for a year now so what gives?" No explanation. Just "No bikes in the lobby". "Ummm... yeah... look man... I need to bring my bike down to the gym and get showered for  a 9:00 am meeting so how 'bout you just let it slide one more day because I didn't get your freakin' memo or see any sign or read it in the newspaper that all of sudden I am not allowed to do what I've been doin' for a year now!!" And, quite frankly, I and the 6 or 8 other folks who do this regularly aren't hurting anyone or anything so really REALLY, do we need another GD rule!!

So, I'm really tired of the unfriendliness everywhere in this state toward bikes and cyclists. You'd think that the city of Hartford and the State of CT would want to encourage people to ride their bikes if possible rather than drive their cars into this tiny little "city" every day. Not to mention the number of people who could clearly benefit from a little exercise... just sayin'.. with oil spilling uncontrollably into the Gulf of Mexico and the ever expanding girth of the American population, we really should make it easier for people to ride their dang it all bikes.

Okay, I'm done now. Deep breath.... ommmmmm.

I'm gonna try and race Lake T tomorrow. Hoping the work day doesn't suck the life out of me...

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  1. Almost sounded like you were ready to throw a punch! And I mean that in a good way - that would have aggravated me especially first thing in the morning w/a meeting pending.

    And I was looking forward to the 400yd swim because it required such little counting.