Monday, June 21, 2010


Okay, not entirely...

Away for a long weekend, but I got a couple of things in:

Thursday, June 17
Bike 30 minutes 
Did 10:56 miles in 32:30 / 19.5 mph

Friday, June 18
Ran 5 miles in Bucks County, PA with my older brother. Felt really good. There were some nice rolling hills and one particularly nasty hill that we kind of trotted/walked up.
Total time: 45:56 / 9:11 mp

M1    8:28
M2    9:30
M3  10:19  (biiiiig hill!)
M4    8:34
M5    9:01

Then I did 50 burpees for time: 4:42

Later on Friday we flew to Charlotte and then New Bern, North Carolina to visit my Dad. Traveled back to PA on Sunday and then home to CT on Monday. Crazy weekend...

Tomorrow I need to get back on track...

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  1. Hope you enjoy your time visiting family. Bucks county is somewhat close to me.