Saturday, June 05, 2010

Rev3 — Ready or not...

Okay, so I did the 20 minutes of each discipline. A ride followed by a run this morning around 10 a.m. It was steamy! Planned to make the practice swim at Quassy.

I had made a big stack of pancakes before I went out to do these workouts. Planned to eat them when I was done. When I came back only three were left! My husband and 20 year old son had gone to town on them! Okay, we'll make more... the beginning of the chaos. Waaay too much going on while I should have been focused on getting my gear together.

Finally got the bike in the car and ready (or not) to drive to Quassy. There was a bunch of stuff I needed to do to my bike but hadn't done yet so I threw it all in the car and figured I could do it as the race site. By the time we got going I had already missed the appointed swim time.

Got to Quassy to find I had forgotten my transition bag with wetsuit and goggles. Nice.

So long story short, the whole day felt off kilter. Running late and feeling unprepared for all of it. I did get a swim in the lake. Wasn't sure I'd be allowed to, but no one seemed to care so I went sans wetsuit with Michelle who I ran into while getting my packet. The water was awesome!

I saw the rest of the team as my husband and I were driving out of the park. All I could do was wave as there was no place to pull over.

I feel better now. I've gotten all my stuff together and I think I have the right attitude for tomorrow's race. This is probably a bigger race than I am prepared for at this point in my training so I plan to take it easy and just get to the finish line. The weather is going to be what its going to be. I've been there and done that. LP 2008 was epic with rain. In fact, every race I did in 2008 was epic with rain... I would be more worried about the temps and the humidity and how it'll be if/when the sun comes out.

For those of you preparing for LP, you guys are gonna rock!

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