Thursday, April 01, 2010

dead lift, run, sit ups

21 deadlifts (78#)
run 400 M  (.3 miles)
9 sit ups
15 dead lifts (78#)
run 400M (.3 miles)
15 sit ups
9 dead lifts (78#)
Run 400M (.3 miles)
21 sit ups

Total time: 15:18

Run intervals @ roughly 7:30 MPH each time, but I was ramping the tready up to well under 7MPH. Took time for it to get there each time.Again, my treadmill only gives me 0.0 so had to go up to .3miles rather than the .25 that is closer to 400 Meters. On the last run interval, I seriously thought I might puke and fly off the end of the machine... FUN!

2nd WOD: 4 x5K Bike Intervals
10:24 (17.8 MPH)
9:39   (19.3 MPH)
10:19 (18 MPH)
10:34 (17.6 MPH)

Did these outside on the tri bike. Finished up just as it was getting dark. Legs definitely were feeling fatigued. Tried to push hard anyway. My route relatively flat with a some false flat areas so whereas it should be an easy ride, there's no free downhill speed and a few places where you have to work a little harder -- so its steady hard work.

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