Friday, April 09, 2010

4 miles, 1 at a time

WOD: Run 1 mile, rest for 8 minutes x4

WU .9 miles

M1 = 8.23
M2 = 8:07
M3 = 7:57
M4 = 7:52

Pleased with this effort given that I did it AFTER work when my motivation to run, let alone run fast is low. My goal was to achieve negative splits. Each time I started at a slightly faster pace than the last and just kept hitting the button to ensure I came in under the last recorded time. Pushed hard to get that last one in under 7:57. Challenge was also in getting the treadmill up to speed in the least possible amount of time.

CF WOD: 100 pull ups for time
Finished in 9:34

haha! umm, yeah right!

I did this with my basement bar setup using the rubber bands to offset my body weight. Still incredibly difficult. Had to chunk em up as I went. 20, then10, then 5 and mostly just sets of 5 til i got to 100. I hope someday to actually be able to do 1 or 2 real complete pullups... : )

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