Saturday, April 24, 2010

kettle bells and 20K TT

CF WOD: Run 400M, 21 kettle bell swings (25#), 12 pullups   x3 for time.
I did Run .3miles, .3miles, .2miles instead of 400M as my t-mill only does 0.0.

Total time: 11:29

20K TT
Total time: 38:35 (19.44 mph)
Given this was only 12.5 miles, I wanted to push hard and break the 18 mph rut that I'm in. Love doing these rides on my street as its seems like a mini AZ bike course. The wind was minimal today, but it was still there and still a factor at times. Tried to push hard through the spots where I normally slow down due to wind or a slight grade. There's no coasting on these rides. It all pedal, all the time. I 'spose I should find some hills tho so I'm ready for Rev3 in a month and change...

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