Saturday, April 17, 2010

feelin' good in the pool!

Made up the 800 yard TT today

Total time = 15:09 (1:53/100)

40K TT (25miles) 1:23:00 18.1 MPH @6:00PM Little slower than last time — no real wind tonight, but kinda raw.

So sometimes when I'm at the pool and there are other folks swimming in the lanes on either side of me, I feel like they're listening to elevator music and I'm listening to the Scorpions — "here I aaaaaammm, rockin' like a hurricaannnne!). I wonder if they're annoyed by my raucous swimming. I don't think I'm very graceful in the water...

Additonally, I did:
300 WU (6:10)
4x50 DR Catch Up
8x25 DR Catch Up w/PB
100 Hard (1:44 post TT)
100 Breast stroke and stretching

I felt good during the 800. After the TT, I rested for 4 minutes and, just for hahas, wanted to see what kind of number I could pull on a 100. Was pleased with 1:44, but made me wonder if I didn't work the 800 hard enough. But really I think it was all about form. I can feel when my form is on because it feels effortless. That's how I felt during that 100. This is why I do that catch up drill that Max prescribed over a year ago in every workout. Puts me right every time.

Feeling like I can actually make further improvement with my swim this year :).


  1. I give, what is catch up w/PB?

  2. Well its not ketchup with peanut butter ;)

    Its the Catch Up Drill with a pull buoy — helps my tendency to cross over and swim like a serpent. Like this