Thursday, April 08, 2010

fun! and not so fun...

Bike Tabata: 1:00 work/:30 seconds rest x20
Total Distance: 8.7 miles (19.33 mph)

Okay, no way I was doing the bike tabata inside on the trainer so I set out to do it on my tri bike. Set up my Garmin for an interval workout not really sure if it was a good idea to ride on the road and try to watch the Garmin for these short little bursts. But once I got going with this it was really fun and a really good workout. Warmed up for about 6 minutes, then hit the lap button and the Garmin told me when to work and when to rest and how many intervals were remaining. Pretty sweet! During the rest intervals I just stopped pedaling and coasted on the bike, pedaling just enough to stay upright and even pedaling backwards. On go I got out of the saddle and hammered it, pedaling hard for the full minute.

CF WOD: 21, 15, 9 reps of 25# thrusters and dips
Total time: 8:18

Okay, I really can't do dips... and didn't really have the right equipment to do them as they should be done so ended up doing bench dips. I got 'em done but they were really hard and felt awkward. Felt good with the thrusters. The 25 pounds was challenging for sure and I struggled with the last few in each set, but got 'em done and felt pretty strong with these. If I don't ever see the dips again in a workout, I won't miss them.

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