Friday, April 02, 2010

run intervals and burpees

CF WOD: Run 800M, 21 Burpees, Run 800M, 15 Burpees, Run 800M, 9 Burpees
Completed in 18:22

Run intervals: 3:58, 4:08, 4:07

Run times not very impressive, but it takes time to get the treadmill up to speed and there's lots of button pushing. Lame excuses I know :)

2nd WOD: Swim for 15 minutes. Record distance.
Result: 850 yards in 14:56 ( 1:52/100)

I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with this result. When I got into the pool and began my 300 yard warm up my thought was that I had let too many days go by without a swim. Wanted to break after the first 100. But, I pushed through that negative thought and finished the 300. Then I did my catch up drills that I'm addicted to. These also felt awkward and difficult at first but got better as I worked through them.

I felt pretty good during the 15 minute swim. Better as I got into it. My arms felt a little fatigued from the burpees this morning, but also stronger some how. This prob makes sense now that I'm into week 4 of my plan.

I plan to swim again tomorrow since the pool is closed on Easter Sunday.

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