Saturday, April 03, 2010

swimmin' and bikin'

Swim: 1x400, 2x200, 3x100, 4x50 (rest as long as it takes to do each set)
Did total 2200 yards beginning with 300 WU, 400 DR (Catch up & catch up with PB)

(7:44 (100/1:56))
Long rest period here so I did 100 breast stroke super easy and 50 Catch up drill.
2x200   (3:49, 3:53 (100/1:55 best )
3x100   (1:53, 1:53, 1:55)
4x50   (:54, :54, :57, :55)
50 CD breast stroke

Not too happy with these times, but maybe I'm fatigued from yesterday's swim... last year at this time I was pushing low 1:40s on my 100s so I've got some work to do. Think I need to do some supplemental swims just to get a bit more frequency and get back to better form.

40K bike TT on tap for today too!

40K Bike TT: 1:19:30 (18.8 MPH)

Happy with this effort. The street I live on is perfect for a TT. Its about an 11 mile loop if I ride one end to the other and back so roughly 6.5 mile each way. Its relatively flat, but has some spots where you have to work a little harder to maintain speed. What makes it really tricky though is that there's almost always a headwind coming out of the north or the south. Today it was coming out of the south. So those 6.5 miles heading south were really tough, but the 6.5 mile heading north were giddy-up. This route seems like it might be a mini IMAZ bike course...

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