Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lake Terramuggus Triathlon Series

Local sprint tri series out at lake T / 600 yard swim, 12 mile bike, 5k run
Total time: 1:16:09

Came in 98th out of 182 individual participants and 1st out of 15 in my AG (40-49)! Yeah! 15th female overall.
Pamela Sullivan 46F F4049 
AG 40-49   1/15 
Swim     118/182    15:01 
Bike      82/182    34:53 
Run      104/182    26:15 
Managed to get home from work and out to Marlborough for this tonight. Made it with just enough time to get registered, hit the loo and drop my bike and gear in the remaining bare patch of grass in the transition area.

Swam without wetsuit. Did just okay with the swim. Didn't site well on the way out. The swim time includes the transition. Had a long way to get to the timing mat for the bike.

I hammered the bike. Felt really good! 82 overall.

Executed a very solid run. This one has lots of hills and I ran them all to put down a respectable 5K. Run time includes transition. By my watch the run was 25 something.

Very pleased with my performance tonight — particularly the solid run.


  1. Nice job! for an old lady :)

  2. Aweswome results, I was going to suggest we ride together sometime, but I suspect you would put me in my place. No, really, we should ride together sometime - we live in adjacent towns.

    Anytime you're looking for a training partner, let me know.

  3. you did really awesome! so proud! congrats and enjoy your success!

  4. Way to go Pam!!!!!! I am really impressed. Great job in all 3 areas!

  5. Catching up with what you do. You are amazing, I know I say it, but you are my is amazing how you can keep pushing yourself