Tuesday, July 06, 2010

5K run and CF WOD: 10 pull ups, 10 wall ball shots, 10 push ups x 4

3.1 miles / 29:38

CF WOD: 10 pull ups / 10 wall ball shots / 10 push ups

Okay, let's use the term "run" loosely. I wanted to do this run really badly today. It should have been a really good run. I am ready to start running well... However, the hamstring was NOT down with that plan. Yes, it was hot and sticky, but I got out early enough that that should not have been a huge problem. The hamstring/glute tendon is tight and the longer I ran, the more it bothered me. Its going to need a little time to settle down. I did complete the run, but it was a bit pathetic. My stride was greatly inhibited and I went very cautiously so as not to cause injury. Probably should have skipped it all together.

Afterwards, I foam rolled my hip and butt areas on the left side to try and release some of the tightness. Hoping this is not going to be a persistent problem like I've had with my left shoulder.

On Monday, both the hip and shoulder just plain hurt. I started taking Advil on a four hour regimen and my shoulder actually feels better than it has in months so that's all good. I am not supposed to take a lot of Advil, Motrin, Tylenol for other reasons, but really felt I needed it on Monday. It helped so gonna continue to take it as needed.

I don't have to run again until Friday so hoping it'll be better by then.

Did the CF workout after work outside in the garage/patio. My husband assisted me with the pullups. I tried to start each set with at least one full one but it was really tough. I have to do the wall balls outside because I need the high wall offered by the garage.

Next week I have to travel to Minnesota for work so I may start juggling workouts around to accommodate that.

Nothing is easy this year...


  1. If it was easy - everyone would do it :)

  2. too true Martin! :)

  3. Agree w/Martin. Good work getting the run in outside yesterday, it was gross. On an advil note - after my broken foot, I was popping advil - 4 at a time, every 4 hrs. Just read that ibuprofen is bad so I recently swtiched to 1 alleve (it is a 12 hr pill) and it does help.