Tuesday, July 27, 2010

35 minute bike, 5k run, 250 squats

So the prescribed workout was to be this:
Run 5K, 250 squats, Run 5K

I did:
35 minute bike
5K run (28:17)
250 squats (10:39)

Given the current lack of motivation I opted to go for a ride with my husband after work and see if that didn't get me warmed up to at least make an attempt at this workout.

The ride was great fun. Rode the road bike and pushed a pretty nice pace — 10.7 miles for 35 minutes (18.3 mph). This was supposed to be an easy ride, but I enjoy pushing Sully to ride faster.

When we finished, I figured the hammy/glute might be warmed up enough to be able to run so set out to do the prescribed workout. Got through the first 5K, but it wasn't pretty. This is frustrating, as my legs are feeling really strong and I'm ready to run! I NEED to run! The first mile went pretty well, but I got progressively slower as my stride sort of tightened up as I went messing up my gait and making things uncomfortable. Did the 250 squats and called it quits after that.

I have 3 PT appointments next week and hoping I can get this resolved quickly. Feel like my body is revolting against me at the moment. This coupled with the situation in Tempe is making it difficult to stay motivated.

I have been contemplating maybe doing CdA instead, but my husband thinks I should hang in with AZ for now. So I'll keep an eye on how things develop in Tempe and hope that the hammy/glute thing doesn't become a showstopper.


  1. hang in there. i hope u can race!

  2. Hi Pam,
    I am sure there is plenty of time to decide on Arizona. Stay motivated, I for one am glad we are on the same schedule. That workout last night stunk.