Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Row 1000M, 50 45# thrusters, 30 pullups and swim 300 yards

So, first of all... the news of the day. The dam that serves to create Tempe Town Lake — the swim venue for IM Arizona has burst. The result of this is that there is little to no water in the lake — which could mean the IMAZ will not happen this year... kind of demotivating.

Forced myself to go to the gym after a very long day at work anyway.

The CF workout was nasty!
Row 1000M, 50 45# thrusters, 30 pullups
Total time: 12:58

Pleased that I was able to do the 50 thrusters with 40 lbs. loaded on the bar. Thinking that the weight of the bar itself made it close to the prescribed 45 lbs. A few muscle heads ended up standing around watching me as I did these — their mouths hanging open... don't know what the big dealio was...

Swam 300 yards pretty quickly aferwards. Felt like a brick in the water. Time was unimpressive:
Total time: 6:07

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