Saturday, July 03, 2010

60K TT

Took the tri bike out through East Windsor and Ellington today. Did four loops of my LP training route (well, one of the many really) plus Barber Hill and Abbe Roads back into SW. Alot of rolling hills and false flats to work my way up. Legs felt a bit fried right from the getgo and it was a struggle to keep pushing hard. Glute felt fine on the bike, but its sore now. Actually, what's sore is this: my Semitendinosus. Its a hamstring muscle and I think its just super tight. I need to stretch more regularly. A massage would prob help alot too. It was hot out there and I went through my two bottles of water quickly. Did 3 or 4 GUs and three saltstick capsules.

I did a total of 45.05 miles in 2:35 (17.38mph)

Time trial total was 37.3 miles in 2:08 (17.5mph)


  1. Nice job pushing the bike :)

  2. Yep, we ride many of the same roads - it's possible that we were out there at the same time.