Saturday, July 31, 2010

9.2 mile run

9.21 miles: 1:29:33/9:43 mph

This wasn't on my schedule, it just happened. I didn't want to do the run/squat workout prescribed for fear it would fire up the glute thing (which is starting to feel better) so decided to just try running with no particular plan other than to shut it down if it felt uncomfortable. I wasn't going to run for time or distance — just run and let my body call the shots.

So I got started and it felt not too bad. Everything is a little tight and my stride is still inhibited, but not as much as it had been so that's some progress. Tried to focus on short, quick steps - engaging my hips and just good form. Did not concern myself with speed at all. Tried not to look at the Garmin. Just run.

Started in the direction of my 4.2 mile route and figured I'd at least try and get that much done. At 4.2, I figured why not just go for the 10k. At 6.2 miles, I was about 2 miles away from home. I stopped just briefly to contemplate completing the loop which would have put me at about 10 plus miles or turning around and finishing the 8.2. I turned around feeling satisfied with getting a decent 8 mile run done. At my driveway, I was at 8.2 or so and decided just to keep going for a bit more. In the back of my mind, I was thinking about the 13.1 miles I couldn't finish a week ago... so I went bit more. At 8.6 it was starting not to feel good so I turned around and ran until I had completed 9.2 miles.

So basically, I tricked myself into running 9.2 miles :). I didn't have any water or GU on board. Not sure if this might have given me a better shot at the 13.1 miles. But, considering I didn't really expect to go this far this morning I'm pretty happy with this run.

9:13 AHR139
9:18 AHR148
9:24 AHR146
9:24 AHR145
9:33 AHR147
9:46 AHR157
10:07 AHR149
10:10 AHR157
10:35 AHR156
02:09 AHR155


  1. Great job Pam! I applaud the idea of just running - no time, no Garmin - just doing what feels good. It's surprising what happens when you leave your expectations at the door and just run. It helps remind us that we actually _do_ enjoy the sport! :)

  2. Nice work Pam, glad you are starting to heal up and feel better!