Friday, July 16, 2010

21, 15, 9 KB Swings, back squats, burpees / 30 deadlifts, row 1000M, 20K Bike TT

It's Miller time! (only don't hand me a Miller ;))

a.m. CF WOD: 21, 15, 9 KB Swings (35#s), back squats (88#s), burpees
Total time: 11:58

p.m. CF WOD: 30 dead lifts (88#), 1000M Row for time
Total time: 8:19

p.m. 20K Bike TT (12.5 miles)
Total time: 39:20 (19.1 mph)

My legs were toast when I got on the bike, but I was determined to get this ride done tonight in an effort to get caught up on my workouts. Did a workout before work this morning in my basement. Hit the gym at 5:30 to get the second WOD done and got home to do the bike all before the first lightening struck! Just barely!! As I'm typing this, all hell has broken out outside.

So this TT time is far from being my best, but a good effort given the number of squats — both free and weighted — i've done since about 6:00 pm yesterday.

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  1. Welcome to the beat down club Pam! Nice to know I am not suffering alone ;-)