Saturday, July 10, 2010

150 wall ball shots for time / 3 x 500 @ 75, 85, 95% effort on 3 minutes rest

150 wall ball shots for time:  7:12

3 x 500 @ 75, 85, 95% effort on 3 minutes rest
 75% effort (10:12)
85% effort (9:48)
95% effort (9:45)

I did tomorrow's workouts today and will do today's tomorrow. I may swim again tomorrow too as swimming will not be an option in Minnesota this week.

Ran 2 miles outside to warm up for wall ball shots. Left leg is still not right. My stride is restricted when I throw the left leg forward. Clearly I strained something that connects my leg to my butt. Its like the hinge is stuck. It felt better today, but still very much inhibit my ability to run "normally". Hoping this continues to improve and work itself out. I'm stretching and foam rolling like its my job.

Wall ball shots outide off the wall of the garage with a 10# ball. Yes, more sweat. A lot of sweat!

Off to the pool a couple hours later for the 3 x 500s. I'm annoyed that the last 500 was only 3 seconds faster than the previous. It seems that there's a point where there's little to be gained by an increase in effort...

I did feel good in the water though :)

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