Wednesday, March 17, 2010

you want me to do what?

So yah, 50 thrusters with 75 lbs...? yah, no...

I did 50 with 15 lbs. and then another 20 with 20 lbs. and another 30 with 15 again. So total of 100 thrusters. Total time around 7 minutes.

Gotta say that after a really frustrating day at work, this was the worst possible workout for me. I needed something more fluid that I could just pound away at. Should have gone to the pool or just gone for a run. Trying to address form and set the bar up with appropriate weight was just too tedious. And then to not really be able to do these given the annoying hitch in my left shoulder just left me feeling totally defeated.

Tomorrow's another day... hopefully a better one.

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