Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm an idiot...

Okay so every little thing counts. Right? My big accomplishment today was to actually get on an earlier bus into work, go to the gym, figure out how to use a rowing machine. I did all of this before work this morning. Yeah me. They had two kinds of rowing machines at the gym. The Concept II (will def use this one next time) and another called a Fluid something or other piece of shite. So I am clueless about how to use these as I've never done it. I don't have alot of time to waste so I ask the desk chick to help me out with a quick how to. Well she didn't know so I showed HER how to use it. I ended up on the Fluid whoseywhatsey machine because I couldn't see that the Concept was gonna give me distance and the gym chick didn't have a clue either. The fluid one actually had water in the fulcrum thingywhatsy so yeah cool.

Umm, okay... so how many meters in a 5K. DUH! IDK! OMG! Gym chick doesn't know either. Together we are sharing one half of a brain. Is there any coffee here? Anyhoo times awasting so I dig in. Trying to do the math in my head. Okay, I'm a creative person. Math is not my strong suit. Draw me a picture will ya. So I do 6000 Meters thinking that will surely cover it...

Got a blister on my hand, but hey got a good row in and will know better to do 5000 meters next time I see a 5K for time on my schedule :). Took me about 24:30. I may do another row this week just to get an actual bench mark for next time.

Second workout was 800M, 1600M, 800M TT run. I got on the T-Mill in my basement to do this around 8 p.m. and pretty quickly aborted. I could feel it was gonna be a disaster. I'll do this first thing tomorrow morning when I can offer a quality effort.

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  1. Ha :)..funny! Keep up the great work!