Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I'm weak...

AMRAP: 5 burpees, 7 push-ups, 9 squats  20 minutes

Honestly, I thought this would be easier. Ran one easy mile for warm up on the treadmill. Got 5 reps of the AMRAP done and then started to really struggle with the push ups. Got eight full reps in, but in the 9th rep, I simply could not lift myself up off the ground to complete a push-up. Had to take them one at a time. Could only do two really badly formed pushups so got the 9 squats in before the 20 minutes was up. The squats seemed easy!

Clearly, my upper body is weak. Which probably explains why I'm having problems with my shoulders after two years of IM training and not really focusing at all on muscular strength and endurance. All the miles in the aerobars and swimming hard intervals would certainly takes its toll.

I'm hoping to see this workout again in a month or two and crush it! The whole experience kinda pissed me off...

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  1. It is tough when you first begin but getting through it is an accomplishment! So, great job and stick with it because when it does come up again on the workout, you will crush it!