Saturday, March 06, 2010


People are always asking... why? Well... why not! Mostly, I don't know how to answer the question. Why wouldn't you if you could and you had the desire. Why does anyone do anything? Why do people climb Mt. Everest or become CEOs of a big corporation? Or run for public office? I guess they do it because they feel compelled by something that lives within them— an inherent part of their nature that that drives them to a particular thing. Its their reason for being. It's the actualization of their self. Some people are more self aware than others. Some people never find that doorway into themselves...

For me, training for and completing Ironman HAS been a process of self actualization. Once I discovered it, it was something I HAD to do. It became the path back to my true self. A way for me to express my inherent nature — which includes a desire to find perfection and the inability to ever really be satisfied.

But, wasn't once enough Pam?

Nope! It wasn't. Its not enough until you know that you've done it to your full potential. So, that's what this season of triathlon will be about for me. At age 46-47, I may be fooling myself that I can achieve better times in the sport, but its now or never so I'm going for it!

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