Sunday, March 07, 2010

A different approach...

As I build this season toward my third IM, I'll be taking a different approach to my training — one that I hope will lead to achieving a better relative result at IM Arizona. I expect that the course itself will be easier than Lake Placid as its quite flat, but there's lots of other variables that could make it more difficult — like the trip out there, the dry air, the sunshine and lack of relief from it and the possibility of a windy day out on the bike course. I could end up with a best time for the distance but I'd like to achieve a better time relative to what I was able to do at LP - if that makes sense...?

At any rate, I'm excited to work with a coach this year who advocates functional strength training and high intensity to build muscular endurance. Rather than putting in lots of mediocre miles, I'll be pushing my limits in shorter, more intense bursts — building strength and power.

This morning I had a session to go over the various movements I'll use in my training. I have to admit, I had a tiny little hangover for this first session—but hey, girl gotta have fun too. There'll be a lot of squatting and pull-ups and tossing of heavy metal object over my head in addition to swim, bike, run. It should be fun!

Today also included a 40K ride on my road bike. I pushed the pace and was able to average 17.2 MPH — which for me on my road bike is pretty good. I look forward to doing a similar workout on my tri bike in the very near future!

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