Sunday, March 14, 2010

I left my heart on Main Street

1st WOD: Run 5K for time
Result: 26:18  M1 9:09, M2 8:00, M3 8:16 M4 :52
AHR 161, MHR 179

2nd WOD Run 400M x 6 @1:30
Actual was .3 miles x 6 @ 2:00 (my treadmill only displays 0.0 digits so had to round up and also wait for number to change causing my rest time between intervals to be more like 2:00 minutes
2:18, 2:14 ,2:16, 2:14, 2:14, 2:15
AHR 143, MHR 185

Ran this outside around noon time. Temp was perfect, but it was windy.  My plan was to run the first mile as warm up before hammering the 5K distance (I'm old so this is a prudent thought...) However, I realized I probably ran that first mile a little faster than I should have and to hammer out 3 more on top of it was not going to be a good result so I just rolled that first mile into the total 5K distance. Legs were feeling a little heavy and my lower back a bit stiff from yesterday's heavy metal session. So I hit the second mile pretty hard and just tried to hold on for the third. Thought my heart might explode!

I was actually looking forward to this workout as its the first run (therefore the most familiar) workout in my plan. Thought I'd be good and ready for it, but — as I mentioned, the legs were a little heavy.

I started zoning yesterday and am excited to stick with the plan of eating to train. It was a real challenge yesterday afternoon though as we were expected at the inlaw's house for the traditional corned beef and cabbage meal. Table was full of high carb stuff, but I managed to cobble together the closest thing to a zone meal as I could— one slice rye bread, couple slabs corned beef, dab of mustard, lettuce and tomato. Had some steamed cabbage and carrots too. Couldn't find decent fat source so the meal was lacking there. Had a couple of Guinness as well — just two :). Hard not to when you in a house full o' Sullivans...So that was lunch. Managed a much better dinner that was zone to the letter and am on track for today as well.

Can't wait to run the 400s later!

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