Sunday, March 28, 2010

better than last time!

CF WOD: AMRAP in 20 minutes: 2 pull ups, 4 dead lifts (138 lbs.), 6 burpees, 8 sit ups

Completed 10 full rounds plus 2 pullups and 4 dead lifts in 20:02

Last Wednesday I did 9 full rounds plus 2 pullups, 4 dead lifts, 6 burpees

Okay I could learn to like this workout. Its very challenging and really gets my HR up! This morning I really wanted to know exactly how much weight I was dead lifting as the Oly bar is pretty heavy. Brought the scale downstairs and weighed myself with and without the bar to determine it weighs 38 lbs! Sooo, given I am supposed to dead lift @ bodyweight, I'm actually a little closer to that number than I thought. So I am loading 100lbs onto the bar and the bar is an additional 38 lbs.! Excellent!

Gonna attribute the improved outcome to knowing the routine and prob feeling a little better than I did last Wednesday. Had a couple days last week where I just wasn't feeling well for whatever reason...

I've got four 5K bike intervals on tap today as well. Will get out and do these on the "bat mobile" (a.k.a. tri bike)

Thinking about Christina today and wondering how her first marathon is going down in Jersey! :)

2nd WOD: 5K x 4 bike intervals.
(11:55 or 15.6 MPH)
(9:17 or 20 MPH)
(11:08 or 16.7 MPH)
(9:23 19.8 MPH)

The slower two intervals were into a nasty headwind. Faster two had the wind at my back.
I did do these outside in spite of the chilly temps and blustering wind. You can prob figure out which ones i did with the wind at my back and which ones I did heading straight into it. These were tough after this mornings workout!

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