Sunday, November 07, 2010

Swim 1000 yard TT and 20x50 | 50 step ups, 40 box jumps, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, 10 burpees

This morning:

Swim 1000 yard TT 
Total time:19:15

Swim 20x50 @80% effort keeping each within 3 seconds of the other
:56, :56, :57, :57, :53, :56, :55, :56, :56, :57, :57, :57, :57, :57, :56, :57, :57, :58, :59 (okay, i'm one short, but my watch got messed up somewhere in the middle so may have done 20 total plus and extra)

Additionally, I did 500 warm up and 400 drills plus 50 breast stroke to cool down for a total of 2900 yards.

Really pleased with the TT and also that I was able to hold pretty steady on the 50s. That's the last big swim before the big day. I feel strong in the water. Not sure what to expect for the swim. Would love to do as well as I did at LP last year, but not sure how it'll be to swim one full loop instead of two.

Later this evening after I organized and packed my gear for Tribike Transport, I did the CF WOD.

50 step ups, 40 box jumps, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, 10 burpees
Total time: 13:28

Little slower than last week but at 8 o'clock this evening I was pretty tired. Big swim this morning and then some hiking and picture taking at an open space event in town for 3 hours. Did some walking and tried to get some good pics of people enjoying a really great town trail system. Really great stuff. It was cold outside and that took some of my energy too!

Spent a good hour and a half packing up a gear bag with all the stuff i'll need on race day and don't want to bring on the plane. I took a picture of all the stuff I packed so I'd be able to look at it and know exactly what I put in the bag that I won't see until I get to Arizona.


  1. nice job on the swim. the big day is almost here!