Tuesday, November 09, 2010

5-5-5-5-5 back squats | 20 minute run TT

Doubled up the workouts today as the back squats didn't happen yesterday.

5-5-5-5-5 back squats

Felt strong with these. Was careful not to push it and could have stuck with 128, but figured there's no gain in staying safe. However, I did pay attention to form and was ready to offload weight if the 148 felt like too much. It felt good, but I definitely wasn't going above 148 tonight.

20 minute TT (20:08)
Total distance: 2.6 miles

Took a short rest and then tackled the 20 minute TT on the treadmill. I was thinking of bagging this workout before I started the back squats. Its about 7:00 PM when I finally found my way to the basement and my enthusiasm was waning. Once I completed the back squats though, I felt a bit more energized and convinced myself to dig into the 20 minute run.

Started at 8 minute pace and quickly took it to about 7:40 after the first 5 minutes. From there I tried to increase the pace every 5 minutes and then in the last 5, every 1 minute. Ended at 6:40 pace! I had to see the number turn before I could stop so went an additional 8 seconds so I could get an exact distance. Felt good pushing it!

In other news, my bike and gear bag are at the shop and ready to go on the truck tomorrow. I look forward to obsessing over that for the next several days :).

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  1. glad you got the run done. Looks like everything is going well.